Tuesday, 24 November 2015

#42 Boggy Creek 2: The Legend Continues aka The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek part II (Wes)

Boggy Creek 2: The Legend Continues aka The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek part II
You know who is one of the most famous of all the worlds monsters, but is hardly ever in any movies? Bigfoot. Sure he had a starring role in Harry and the Hendersons (also in its spin off tv series, which I personally see as little more than an ALF rip-off), but apart from that every movie he features in seems to be as low budget as a blurry film of a giant ape like creature taken in the American wilds. It makes me wonder if there’s a reason why Bigfoot is one of Hollywood’s most elusive creatures, or do people just really not want to see him?
Cryptozoology professor Dr Brant Lockhart (Charles B. Pierce), who with a name like that could have become a 80s soap opera oil tycoon, takes a pair of students, Tim (Chuck Pierce jr) and Tanya (Serene Hedin) and one of the students friends, Leslie (Cindy Butler) on a trip into the Arkansas swamps to look for a Bigfoot-like creature that has been seen by several local residents. After meeting with some unwelcoming locals, the quartet go to camp in Boggy Creek. Here they seek out a hillbilly called Old Man Crenshaw (Jimmy Clem) who is just as evasive on the subject as the townsfolk, but allows the group to stay the night when a storm closes in. During the storm Old Man Crenshaw asks Lockhart to help tend to an animal which he’s captured. When Lockhart looks he realises it’s an adolescent Bigfoot, whose capture causes the adult Bigfoot to attack the cabin. Will everyone survive the night? Will anyone get any footage of the creatures on film that isn’t from a distance so great that nothing clear can be seen anyway, so could easily just be a man in a Chewbacca costume? Will Bigfoot finally discover that there are several sires on the internet that sell shoes up to a size 20, meaning that just maybe it wont struggle to find comfortable footwear any longer?

Like Troll 2 (see here) this movie has a strangely misleading title. Boggy Creek 2 is actually the THIRD movie in the Boggy Creek series. Which does bring up my earlier line of thought, if this is the third movie, then why haven’t I heard of the first two? Is there really a shady underground of bigfoot movies that exist only for those willing to traipse through the Arkansas swamps to find a lost Blockbuster Video, that is still running unaware either of the creation of the DVD or that Blockbuster went under?
The fact that The Legend of Boggy Creek and more importantly it’s first sequel Return to Boggy Creek both seem to be overlooked/forgotten/ignored does give a lot of backing to my theory that a good portion of the IMDB Bottom 100 list is only on there because of the notoriety they’ve gained by featuring on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Return to Boggy Creek has at the time of writing an equally low rating (2.2), but it doesn’t appear on the same list. I won’t even pretend to understand the algorithms as to how the list is constructed (I don’t even understand how Colin put together our list), all I know is that films have to have at least 1500 votes to qualify. This does make me wonder what films we’re missing out on due to them being so unheard of.

But what about the movie itself? Well taking inspiration from the real life Bigfoot, the filmmakers decided that being elusive was an important aspect this movie needed to include. Unfortunately the things they decided to make the most elusive were any sight of a gripping plot or a convincing monster. This movie’s most entertaining scene is when the group run across a rabid dog that attacks them forcing them into an abandoned house. I’m not saying that it’s a good scene, but Tim opening a closet to find something to cover a hole in the floor only to find the rabid dog inside (due to the closet wall being missing) did make me laugh whilst imagining this to be the episode of Scooby Doo where Scooby gets scratched on the nose by a rabid bat…
The Bigfoot costumes look as though they were monkey costumes left over from previous Halloween parties, and patched up with excess hair from Jimmy Clem’s chest and beard (the man is so hairy he could have laid on the floor of his cabin whilst Bigfoot attacked and disguised himself as a bear skin rug). I’ve seen so many films with disappointing monsters in them, but if the cabin door was smashed in by Sal Minella from The Muppets it would have been scarier.

The acting in most of the movies by this point really isn’t worth mentioning most of the time anymore, as there usually is very little to none present. However I have to say that it would have been nice if maybe Chuck Pierce Jr. had at least attended the acting class where he was supposed to learn to act like someone who knows how to put a bloody shirt on. Still at least Charles Pierce (who not only acted, but directed, produced and wrote this movie too. Reports that he did the catering are unconfirmed) didn’t try to get his son to sing like our last father/son duo in Eegah! (see here), so there is that to be thankful for.
Boggy Creek 2 really is one of the dullest movies we’ve had to endure. I think it has answered my earlier questioning about a lack of Bigfoot movies though. Movies about creatures who shy away from humans and never show signs of aggression end up being movies about people going camping and the only times I want to watch films like that are when they involve psychopaths in hockey masks, snotty nosed students being terrorised by a ghost witch or Barbara Windsor’s bra flying into Kenneth William’s face…